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Wednesday 15 April 2015

Pew sheet - 19th April 2015

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The resurrection of Jesus turned the world upside down. For a man to be raised from death was not something new; Jesus had raised Lazarus from death. But the resurrection of Jesus was something different. The resurrected Jesus was not the same. His body was different and even those who had known him well were surprised. Jesus was able to appear through locked doors and yet his body bore the wounds and scars of the nails which held him to the cross and the spear which the soldiers plunged into his side. The resurrected Jesus ate fish with his disciples and yet they knew that this was no mere resuscitation, Jesus had changed. The risen Jesus was different, he had gone thorugh death and passed through the other side, he would die no more. Jesus was now no longer just Jesus of Nazareth, he was their risen Lord. The resurrected Jesus gave them a challenge to tell the world about him and because he was no longer confined by the physical world, he would be with them spiritually wherever they went and whatever they faced. That is why these frightened disciples left their cowardice behind and became some of the bravest and most fearless people the world have ever known. The world was turned upside down and that resurrected Jesus has been present with his followers ever since. 

Services April 19th - Easter 3
8.00am      Holy Communion      Long Crendon           JW
10.30am    Family Service with  Long Crendon            RC
     Holy Baptism                                                               
9.00am      Holy Communion      Chearsley                JW
10.00am    Family Service          Nether Winchendon  AB
12.30pm    Holy Baptism            Long Crendon          JW       

Services April 26th - Easter 4
8.00am      Holy Communion      Long Crendon          JW
10.30am    Sung Eucharist         Long Crendon          JW
10.00am    Family Service          Chearsley               JS
6.00pm      Evensong                 Nether Winchendon JW
                 Followed by the APCM

To Gay Edwards and friends within the Benefice of Long Crendon, Chearsley and
Nether Winchendon, and other supporters.

Cyclone Pam Relief AppeaL

This is to acknowledge with grateful thanks the donations made by parishioners and  friends to our appeal for cash to help to rebuild and repair schools and their assets damaged by this terrible cyclone in Vanuatu. The total sum you have raised - £1000 - is truly generous. We are a charity dedicated to relief of poverty in Vanuatu by means of education initiatives. Our normal charitable activities are largely based on paying school fees for bright students whose parents cannot afford the cost themselves. The money raised by this appeal however will be used specifically to do whatever we can afford to bring broken schools, wrecked libraries, damaged computers, or whatever else is needed, back to where they were before, the better to ensure children's education can be resumed as quickly as possible with all the school facilities available to them. We will work closely with the National Disaster Management Office to achieve this. Every penny raised will be used to this end; we have no internal operating costs. Your donations will go a long way towards our objectives, so please accept our thanks for your generosity. In due course members of BFoV will have more detail about how the funds are used. Thank you very much.