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Sunday 29 July 2018

Save The Date - Sunday 2nd September

Please note that the morning Family Communion service on Sunday 2nd September will be held at 11:00 am (not the usual 10am) so that it can be followed at 12:30 pm by a ‘bring your own’ picnic in the gardens of Long Meadow.  

Then at 2:00 pm, we will have a return of "Meadowsong" with the brilliant Paul Shinar and Laura.   Everyone is invited for an afternoon of lively music in a beautiful garden.   Tickets available from Joy Payne.  

Family Communion - 5th August

Do come along on Sunday and join our Family Holy Communion service, led by Rev. Steve Williams  There will be a Junior Church upstairs led by Anne Pratt.
If you prefer, there is a BCP Holy Communion in Nether Winchendon at 9am and Cafe Sunday in Long Crendon at 10am.

For our pew sheet, please follow this link.

Thursday 26 July 2018

Benefice Holy Communion

Do come along on Sunday and join our Benefice Holy Communion service, led by Rev. Richard.  There will be a Junior Church upstairs led by Anne Pratt.
If you prefer, there is a Benefice Family Service in NW at 11.30am taken by Rev Richard which will include a baptism.

For our pew sheet, please follow this link.

Tuesday 24 July 2018

Change to The Pattern of Services

Letter from the vicar outlining changes to our monthly service pattern from October 2018

I am delighted by the diversity of the services we offer in any given month across our Benefice, and we remain committed to this principle. However, a number of issues with the pattern of those services have emerged over the last 2 years, which it has become necessary to address. These include:
  • The clash of Family Services in Long Crendon and Nether Winchendon on the 3rd Sunday
  • The forthcoming introduction of Messy Church in Chearsley immediately before Evensong on the 2nd Sunday
  • The difficulty in resourcing the 8 o’clock Communion Services in Long Crendon when the vicar is away
  • The uncertainty caused by varying the time of Evensong in Nether Winchendon throughout the year

In response, the Wardens Team, Ministry Team, and the 3 PCCs have agreed a new pattern of services, to come into effect this October. No changes have been made to the services themselves, only to the Sunday in the month when they are offered. In addition, Long Crendon’s BCP Communions will begin at 9am, and Nether Winchendon’s Evensong will consistently begin at 6pm throughout the year.
  •  This new pattern is sustainable given the size of our current ministry team, which is dependent on the voluntary service of lay ministers and retired clergy for which we are very grateful.
  •  This new pattern means that, for those willing to travel between our 3 churches, we are now able to offer a service in a particular style (known as our 3 ‘tracks’) in each week of the month.

The new service pattern is detailed below, together with an explanation of our 3 different tracks:

Long Crendon
Nether Winchendon
1st Sunday
10am Café Sunday
10am Family Communion
9am BCP Communion
2nd Sunday
10.30am Family Communion
9am Holy Communion
 6pm BCP Evensong
4pm Messy Church
3rd Sunday
9am BCP Communion
10am Chearsley Praise
10am BCP Matins
10.30am Family Service
4th Sunday
9am BCP Communion
 6pm BCP Evensong
10am Family Service
10.30am Family Communion

Key to our 3 tracks (styles of service)
Family Communion
Services with plenty of hymns and provision for children
Quieter services, usually from the Book of Common Prayer (BCP)
Gatherings with a 'less-churchy' feel for all ages to enjoy together
I appreciate that this will mean a change of routine for some of us, but it will achieve a pattern of services that we can sustain with our wonderful team. If you have any questions or concerns please contact me on or 01844 208987.

Yours in Christ, Richard

Thursday 19 July 2018

Chearsley Praise - 22nd July

Come along on Sunday at 10am for our "Chearsley Praise", a service of hymns, short readings, prayers led by the children and a short talk, taken by Rev Derek Witchell. 

If you prefer, in Long Crendon, there is a BCP Holy Communion at 8am  and a Holy Communion at 10.30 taken both taken by Rev Richard. Then at 6pm, Rev Richard is leading an Evensong in Nether Winchendon.

For our pew sheet, please follow this link.

Wednesday 11 July 2018

Tuesday 10 July 2018

Holy Communion - 15th July

This Sunday we have our 9am Holy Communion, a Common Worship service, without hymns, led by Rev Gillian Nicholls

If you prefer a Family Friendly service, there is a Family Service in Nether Winchendon at 10am or a Family Service with Baptism in Long Crendon, at 10.30, both with Rev. Richard Phillips .

For the full pew sheet, please follow this link

Wednesday 4 July 2018

Morning Celebration - 8th July

Image result for goodbye

Come along on Sunday at 10am for a biscuit and coffee and to say goodbye to Morning Celebration which is finishing after 14 years, to make way for an exciting new kind of church - Messy Church, which starts up at the village hall in October.  

To read the pew sheet, please follow this link.