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Saturday 28 September 2013

Memorial Service

St Nicholas Church
Sunday November 3rd at 3pm

At this time of year in particular, we remember those who shared our lives in times past, whose passing has left an emptiness and often an ache in our heart.

This letter is an invitation for you to come to a service being held at St. Nicholas Church, on Sunday November 3rd at 3.00pm.

It is a service of quiet reflection, of prayers and readings, music and a short talk. There will be an opportunity to light a candle as an act of remembrance and tea will be served at the end.

We bring into the presence of God all our different thoughts and feelings from sharing in the life and death of a loved one. Looking back often evokes sadness but also thankfulness as we also remember times of happiness and enjoyment.

Everyone is welcome and I invite you to bring with you other members of your family or friends.

May God give you His comfort and peace.


John Wynburne      

(01844) 201424