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Tuesday 25 September 2012

Harvest Goods

Many thanks to everyone who came to the Harvest Festival and donated food items. They were delivered to The Porch/Steppin' Stone Centre in Oxford. They have said:

Thank you for your generosity and support for the Steppin' Stone Centre. We fully appreciate the amount of work and effort that goes into the organising and gathering of your harvest donations.

As you may be aware Steppin' Stone is a much relied upon Centre of support for many of the homeless and vulnerable housed members of society from in and around the East Oxford area. Your support helps us to keep our costs down and ensures that our members benefit directly from our spending. Unfortunately in today's economic climate it is the most vulnerable who are being hit the hardest but with your support we aim to lessen the impact of social spending cuts and ensure that no-one is left isolated with nowhere to turn. Once again on behalf of all at Steppin' Stone I would like to send you our thanks for your loyalty, thoughtfulness and good will.

Yours Sincerely
Jon Fitzpatrick
Senior Project Worker

Friday 21 September 2012

Three Teaching Seminars

given by
The Reverend Canon Dr Vincent Strudwick. D.D.
The Anglican Church.
How did we get here?
Who are we?
Where are we going?
St. Mary's Church, Long Crendon
at 8.00pm
Wednesday October 17 2012
Wednesday October 24th 2012
Wednesday October 31 2012

Canon Strudwick has taught theology and church history at Oxford and other universties here and abroad. He is an Hon. Fellow of Kellogg College and a founder member there of "The Centre for the Study of Religion in Public Life". An annual lecture has been created in his honour. In 1989 he became Director of the Diocesan Institute for Theological Education and served as the Principal of the St. Albans and Oxford Ministry Course until 1997. He was Director of Theology Programmes in Continuing Education and until 1999 Director of the Univesity's International Summer Programme in theology, which he founded. He is also Professor of Anglican Theology at the Graduate Theological Foundation, Indiana, USA. In July of 2009, the Archbishop of Canterbury conferred upon him the Doctor of Divinity degree, given in recognition of Canon Strudwick's contribution to religious, academic and public life. He has been an Honoury Canon of Christ Church, Oxford since 1982.

Thursday 20 September 2012

Men's Breakfast

Attention all Men !

When:         Saturday October 27th
What time: 8.00 - 9.30am
Where?:     Church House, High Street, Long Crendon

All men from the Benefice very welcome. A great opportunity for the men in our three churches and Long Crendon Baptist Church to meet to enjoy a cooked breakfast, get to know each other better and to invite non-churchgoing friends or neighbours.

Tickets £5 per head. Spaces limited.

Guest Speaker: Professor John Benington

Warwick University Business School and Chairman of Friends of Ibba School. John will be talking about an exciting Christian educational project in the Southern Sudan, one of Africa's newest independant countries and one of the poorest. This is a heart-warming story of how a Sudanese woman with a vision and faith has engaged and enthused others to help her make a dream a reality.

Information and tickets from Chris Lilley 01844 201977 also see weekly pew sheets

Tuesday 18 September 2012

Agnostics Anonymous

Come and debate with the vicar!
Many people find it difficult, if not impossible, to believe in God. They have so many questions about religion and its place in the modern world. These often centre around such issues as:
  • wars and violence perpetrated in the name of religion
  • the conflict between religion and science
  • the amount of innocent suffering in the world
  • the feeling that Christianity is anti-life
  • the sense that the Church is hung up about sex and homophobic
  • the belief that religious faith is for wimps
  • the disunity of Christians and the fact that many do not practice what they preach
  • the way the Church bangs on about sin and guilt
  • the belief that the Church is out of touch and stuck in the past

...... the name just a few! The case against religion is strong. Why should anyone believe in God? Some people consider themselves very spiritual but cannont buy into the package of the institutional church and all it baggage. Why don't you bring your questions, your rants and your difficulties?

I will be in "The Eight Bells" on the High Street in Long Crendon on the following evenings (and maybe more!) not with all the answers but with a desire to listen, learn and engage in discussion.

On Mondays at 8.00pm

September 24th, October 1st, October 15th, October 22nd

John Wynburne

Tuesday 11 September 2012

New Cross

Many years ago, one of our stone crosses fell from the roof of the church.  Now, thanks to the estate of Patience Clowes, we have a beautiful new cross.

Monday 10 September 2012

Harvest Supper

Tickets are now on sale for the St Nicholas' Harvest Supper in the Village Hall on Saturday, September 22nd at 7.30pm. A 2 course meal including wine or beer costs £10 which also includes entertainment. Contact Claire Lazaruk on 208087 or Angela Gray on 202105.