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Thursday 15 March 2012

Easter 2012 - Footsteps

Chearsley children, followed in the Footsteps of Jesus, acting out his last days.

 Follow the man with the water jar

 to the upper room to share the last supper

 Jesus washed the disciples feet to show that he came to serve, not be served

 A traditional Passover meal

 Breaking bread - this is my body broken for you

 Sharing wine - this is my blood, shed for you

Jesus was arrested while praying in the garden of Gethsemane

and was taken to the high priest's house

Peter was watching from the courtyard, but denied that he knew Jesus

 Then Jesus was taken to Pilate

 who washed his hands of him

 Simon helped carry Jesus' cross

 Jesus was crucified

Our Easter Garden

Sunday 11 March 2012

11-17 March 2012 - Soul Spark

Soul Spark took place in Chearsley Church from 11-17 March and many people from the village visited it and felt their spirits uplifted or their hearts touched. The church was lit, warm and quiet choral music filled the space. There were a series of interactive ‘stations’ set out in the church concerned with life experiences and the journey of faith. They included the world of nature, hopes and dreams, forgiveness, remembrance of those who had died, Jesus the Light of the world, Jesus’ story of the son who came home and the love of the father, a ‘family tree’ with leaves on which to write the names of children you wished to pray for, bubbles to blow for all that made you feel happy in life, the world about us - moving beads to areas of the world for which you feel concern and a corner ‘nest’ in which to be still before God. Participants were invited to write their comments in a book and they included

“It was uplifting”
“I found it to be a very moving experience”;
“time to reflect on my life”;
“an answer to prayer”

They also included several requests to repeat the experience, so if you missed it this time, maybe something similar will be offered at a later date.

Sharon Sampson