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Sunday 24 April 2011

24 April 2011 - Easter Service 2011

Easter Garden Service

On Sunday, at St Nicholas we had a wonderful Easter Garden Service with nearly 60 adults and 20 children. The children had made a fantastic Easter Garden out of papier-mâché and stones and completed it with twig crosses, tissue paper flowers and candles (to represent the people Jesus appeared to after rising from death).

Thanks to our hard-working ladies, the church was decorated beautifully in gorgeous spring flower arrangements. As people arrived, they placed a flower on a wooden cross which added to the beauty of the church and created a lovely warm atmosphere. Several families read the story of that first Easter morning to us and the children lit the candles on the garden they had made. We sang lots of hymns and shared bread and wine that our vicar had blessed for us earlier that morning.

It was all rounded off with coffee, tea and some tasty biscuits that the children had made for us.