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Rock Solid

The older children (year 7+) meet up 6-7.30pm on the first Sunday of the month.  We share a meal, and then join in various fun activities or watch a video clip and have a debate.

This Sunday - 7th May 2017
Pray for lovely weather as this Sunday we will be aiming to take the Rock Solid group on a walk from Paul & Ann’s in Chearsley to the chip shop in Long Crendon. 

-          Meet at Paul & Ann’s at 6pm
-          With a rucksack – drink & snack
-          And money for fish and chips
-          We will deliver everyone home (having driven a car to LC first), hopefully around 8pm
-          Dogs / parents / friends welcome
      If you would like further information please contact Sharon Sampson on 208740 or email

Here is an outline of a few of our sessions

June 2016 - Body of Christ

We started with a fun game of foot pictionary.  Then we played a version of "pin the tale on the donkey" that showed us how the hands need the eyes/mouth and vice versa.

Next we thought about what we were good at and how we could serve others with those talents, making a shortbread body part to represent it e.g. good listeners made ears, good helpers made hands, errand runners made feet.

We put the parts together to make quite an interesting body, before eating him!


May 2016 - Walk to Long Crendon

We walked from Chearsley to Long Crendon where we enjoyed jacket potatoes and yummy meringues.

March 2016 - Easter

We shared a meal together of jacket potatoes (wrapped in silver foil and tied with ribbons to look like Easter eggs), then went outside in the dark with torches to hunt for pudding (Easter egg hunt).  Then we watched the following clip  which showed what Jesus went through at the first Easter.  Finally, we made some story eggs like these to help us learn the Easter Story and share it with others.

Tells the Story of Easter for Children.  Would be a great teaching tool for Sunday school!:

Sep 2015 - Fun-D Raiser

On 6th September, we held a Fun-D Raiser at the village hall to raise money for the victims of the Nepal Earthquake.  We raised an amazing £408 through all sorts of stall and activities that the children had organised themselves.

May 2015 - Camp

We had an overnight camp in Chearsley, with marshmallows toasted over an open fire and thought about refugees living in tents.  In particular we thought of the recent Nepal earthquake and planned a Fun-D Raiser for them which took place in September raising over £400.

Jan 2015 - Miracles

We ate jacket potatoes while watching a 20 minute clip from the  "Jesus" mini-series.  This clip included 3 miracles so we discussed questions like: Why did Jesus perform miracles?  Why would he turn water into wine when he would not turn stones in to bread?

Dec 2015 - The Devil

We shared a delicious meal together before watching a video clip, featuring Jesus in the desert with the devil.  We looked at bible references to the devil / Satan and discussed if we thought the devil was a real person or not.

Sep 2014 - Secret Church

- We met secretly, early in the morning, in an upper room
- We made crosses out of sticks
- Each of us had a "secret identity" matching a real persecuted Christian and we told our stories
- We heard the story of Eon a little girl who told her teachers that her parents had a bible and never saw her parents again
- We prayed for our persecuted Christians and shared bread and wine together
- We tried to memorise bible verses written on stones
- We had a delivery of "sock bibles", tiny bibles that could be hidden in our socks
- We had a raid at the end by the secret police who took away our leader

Jan 2014 - Hell or Heaven
- We watched (a slightly sanitised) Rowan Atkinson clip "Welcome to Hell".
- We took on characters like Hitler, Mother Theresa, a child soldier and St Paul and then voted as to
if we should go to heaven or hell.
- We learnt what the bible says about how you get to heaven - believe in Jesus
- We drew heaven from John's description in Revelations
- We read a comedy drama of St Peter at the pearly gates

Oct 2013 - Friendships
As we had a lot of new members join in September, we looked at friendships and teams.
- A quiz on who Jesus' friends were - a mixed bunch who would not normally have been friends.
- Lemonade making - can you make some lemonade while tied to someone you may not like
- What's missing tray game - do we always notice when someone is missing, what is it like not to be missed?
- Drew around a body, then wrote our names on parts that represented our part in the team e.g. ear - good listener, mouth - good speaker, spine - support, legs - get things done.

July 2013  - Honesty is the best Policy - we will be playing lots of games to help us look at honesty including:
- Call my bluff - to see how good we are at lying.
- Bonbon Dominos - to help us discuss how the lies we tell often lead to more and more lies.
- Scruples - to decide if we would or would not lie in difficult circumstances
- Blindfolded feeding - to see how much we trust each other after all that lying

Then we will hear a true story of a brave girl who told the truth even when Nazi soldiers raided her house looking for her brothers.

March 2013 – Resurrection debate – we had two teams arguing if Jesus did in fact rise from the dead or not. Was the body stolen? Was he really dead? 

February 2013 – Crucifixion Post Mortem – We had a table laid out in the middle of the room with what looked like a body covered in a white sheet. Then we took items out from under the sheet, like crowns of thorns and got them to try them on and see how painful they were. I gave them some string and bone fragments and got them to make an item of torture! We tried to hold them up by their arms so they could see how hard it was to breathe. Finally we played a video clip of an emotional trauma surgeon talking about the injuries that Christ sustained.

January 2013 – Gethsemane Experience - We huddled in a garden shed and told them a story of how Oliver wanted to climb a mountain for his birthday and Darren agreed to take a group of his friends. They go into trouble at the top when Darren broke his ankle, they lost mobile cover and a blizzard set in. To cut a long story short, they ended up sheltering in an old hut (hence the shed) for 3 days and Darren ended up asking Oliver to go for help, knowing that he would not make it back alive. I got them to share out their last bar of chocolate and some hot soup. Then we played the Gethsemane song from the DVD of the Jesus Christ Superstar tour to relate our mountain story to that of God asking his son to die to save others and Jesus having to make that decision.

If you would like further information please contact Sharon Sampson on 208740 or email