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Want to ring?

We have a lovely ring of 6 bells, (weight 9-0-1) which were augmented from 3 in 2014 with the addition of 3 trebles cast at Whitechapel and installed by Whites of Appleton, but also including a ‘ listed’ bell dated no later than 1509!  The band includes experienced ringers and those who have learnt more recently and we are always looking for recruits!

The bells are now rung for every sung service.  This means from 9.30 - 10.00 am on the all but the third Sunday of the month and also before evensong on the second Sunday.  The latter is often a quarter peal for an invited band and used as a  'training quarter’ for ringers in the branch. We also ring for weddings and special services on request.

We practice every Monday evening (except bank holidays and some peak holiday time) from 7.30 - 9 pm.  This is an open session to which anyone interested in ringing is warmly invited.  Ringing will range from teaching handling to newcomers through call changes and simple method ringing, depending on who is present. We are a very happy band and are delighted that we can regularly welcome visitors from nearby villages and always pleased to see visitors from near and far.

We arrange early stage handling sessions for adults to suit them on a one to one basis and for young people during holiday periods.

Our aim is to have a mixed band of about a dozen adults and young people over 10 years old to give a good balance for a band to continue to ring our bells into the future without it being an onerous commitment for anyone and to provide a good social base for all.  Currently the band totals 12 ringers who range in age from 12  to late 60s, but we would love to see more!

If you are planning to visit, please email the tower captain to check in advance that there are no short notice changes to the above.

Welcoming our new vicar

Our Three New Bells

"DONG, DONG, DONG" was pretty much the sound of the three bells at St Nicholas' Church Chearsley for hundreds of years!  With the addition of three new bells, it is now a more tuneful story.

Finally - Wednesday December 10 2014 was quite a day in Chearsley when almost before it was light three new bells arrived from White’s workshop in Appleton and were transported down to the church.  The new bells were dedicated at a special service on 1st February 2015.

Church bells throughout the centuries have resounded across the land, not just summoning the faithful to worship but announcing joyful times and sad times.  In 2012, bells heralded the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and the start of the London Olympic Games, uniting, not only Chearsley residents, but communities throughout the country.

The Oliver Bell
When the subject of this project was first raised, Oliver Babington, landlord at The Bell, together with customers and staff, enthusiastically embraced the idea of sponsoring one of the bells. This bell is now dedicated to Oli's memory, and is known as "the Oliver Bell".
In addition to making their own personal donations, the Babington family kindly agreed to organise fund-raising events at The Bell.

The Elizabeth Bell
Is dedicated to all children of Chearsley, past and present.