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Monday 31 March 2014

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Maundy Thursday

April 17th

Holy Communion 8.00pm at Nether Winchendon


This day commemorates two of the most significant actions of Jesus. It is the night on which Jesus had a last supper with his friends and commanded us to remember him each time we share bread and wine. Here the suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus are made present. Here heaven and earth, the divine and the human are brought together. At the end of the service, the frontal of the altar all the adornments of the sanctuary are removed, symbolising Christ’s separation from God as he enters his passion and takes to himself the sin of mankind.  


Compline will be said at 8.00pm with Meditations
Monday        April   14th                Nether Winchendon
Tuesday       April   15th                Chearsley
Wednesday  April   16th                Long Crendon
Compline is a quiet and exquisite late-night service that traditionally ends the day in convents and monasteries.

Monday 3 March 2014


John and Alicia Howard proudly announce the arrival of grandson number 2, safely delivered to Johnny and Claire in France this evening – a brother called Tom for Charlie!