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Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Habitat for Humanity

You might remember back in 2010, the church raised £1300 for the amazing charity Habitat for Humanity, so that they could build a home for a family living in poverty.  We built shacks out of cardboard boxes and bits and pieces, to make it a bit more real for the children.

This next picture is quite poignant as it shows the difference between the life a child like Annabelle with that of a child in a poorer country.

Well this year, Oliver and I are going a bit further for Habitat for Humanity, all the way to Kenya actually, to help build one of those houses.

I’m not exactly well-known for my DIY skills, so I’m pleased to know that we will have a skilled builder on the team!  I am assured that this could be life changing experience, both for us and for the family we help. 

In Kenya, there are a lot of marginalised families who struggle to have a home of their own, and as a result are stuck in a cycle of poverty.  These include families headed by orphaned children or mothers on their own.  Once they have a safe secure home, they can get a job, pay for education, put down roots, grow food, and lift themselves out of poverty.  This is not just a charity hand-out.  The family to receive the house, will build it with us and will pay towards the cost via an affordable loan from the charity.  Habitat for Humanity also make sure there is adequate sanitation and water and help advocate for people’s rights like land ownership.

We need to raise £3000 between us to help pay for the cost of the build, so Oliver and I would be very grateful if you would consider taking a look at our donation website. Any amount would be gratefully received and if you are a UK tax payer we can also reclaim the gift aid, which will add an additional 25%.

Many thanks
Darren and Oliver