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Jesus said  
Let the little children come to me and do not stop them for the kingdom of heaven belongs to them”  
Matthew 19:14

Children are very important to us.  Not only are they the future of our church but very much part of the present.  A vital part of our family.

We keep a regular pattern of services so that it is easy to know which service is on each week.

1st Sunday – 10am Family Communion – young children are taken upstairs for a bible story and craft, then join the congregation for the communion.

2nd Sunday – 10am Morning Celebration – this is a modern all-age service with drama, videos, quizzes  and always something for the children to take part in.  We use lots of visual aids to keep their attention and ensure that there are songs they will know well.  There is also a traditional Evensong service at 6pm in the evening.

3rd Sunday – 9am Communion – this is a traditional communion service, ideal for adults.

4th Sunday – 10am Family Service – a traditional service without communion, where all the family are welcome

      If at any time, your young children become unsettled, we have a box of toys in the kitchen which you are welcome to help yourself to.  During Morning Celebration and the Family Services, younger children are welcome to wander around. Please do not feel that you need to keep them quiet and cooped up in the pews.  If your baby needs extra attention at any time, feel free to use the kitchen facilities at the back of the church which include a disabled toilet with changing facilities.

Sunday School

Junior Church - On the 1st Sunday of each month, during our Family Communion service, the young children can go upstairs with a couple of our mums, to spend half an hour, doing craft and hearing a bible story.

Rock Solid - Our older children (Year 7+), also meet up on the 1st Sunday, from 6-7.30 at a nearby house.  They share a meal together, before taking part in an activity like watching a video clip, having a debate, doing a drama or a game.  

Special services & Events
During the year we also hold special services and events designed especially with children in  mind

Chufs pre-school Christmas service

Christingle - each child receives an orange with a candle and sweets

Crib Service – Christmas Eve service telling the Nativity Story

Toy Service – collecting toys for a local charity

Pet Services – bring your pets.  Always popular with the children!

Easter garden

Footsteps – a kind of “Messy Church” with a few hours of craft and drama.

Pancakes – we often have a pancake party!

Bell ringing – older children can learn to ring our 6 bells

Singing – older children can take part in our Benefice Choir which sing for special services



Family Fun Days

If you would like to join our big family, just come along one Sunday, or give Sharon a ring on 01844 208740 to find out more.