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Sunday, 23 June 2013

Helpers Needed

Helpers and leaders are needed for a new after school Church club starting in Cuddington in January on Thursdays at 3.15.  If you would like more information or can help, please contact or ring 01844 291883.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Shack Attack - Update

Well Shack Attack is nearly here and the weather is looking very promising!  Please come along to the fields of Long Meadow house in Dark Lane any time after 3pm on Saturday.  Build a shack and sleep in it overnight or just come along to enjoy the merriment, BBQ and bonfire. 

Please bring along any scavenged materials you can find at home, tarpaulins, old doors, ropes, pipes etc.  Then attempt to build a shelter to sleep in overnight.  You are welcome to pitch a tent for backup or for the softies in your party!  Please take all materials home with you the next day.

3pm                All kicks off, start building your shacks and pitching tents
4pm                Unfair Funfair opens
5-8pm             BBQ available, sausages in rolls, jacket potatoes with cheese and beans, salad, cakes
6pm - late       Bonfire (bring some marshmallows)
8am                Shack judging. Will yours be the most luxurious, most waterproof or most inventive?
10am              Morning Celebration informal service at St Nicholas
12 noon          Picnic Lunch back at the campsite (bring and share)

Unfair Funfair
Come along and try out our Unfair Funfair including a Blind Hoola Hoop, Tin Can Alley and Origami Challenge.  All activities are designed to raise awareness of unfair practices around the world that are contributing to world poverty.  There will also be a team water challenge involving buckets and drainpipes.  Expect to get wet!

If you can bake some small cakes for the cake stall or bring along a salad, please let know.  All the other BBQ food will be available to buy at cost price.

Small Print
Adults are responsible for their children at all times, especially around the bonfire.  Please take home any shack materials and rubbish.

If you would like to bring materials down by car, please can you park in the corner near the gate and not drive further in to the field.  We do not want any free range children run over and your car will be in danger of getting stuck in a rut.  Thank you.