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Monday, 11 September 2017

Rock Solid - Food Waste Feast

Rock Solid held a Food Wast Feast on 3rd September, to raise money for Tearfund.  

Food production contributes to Climate Change, which causes droughts in Africa, which in turn causes problems for families trying to cultivate their small patch of land.  Globally 1/3 of food is wasted, so by cooking up a fabulous feast from our food waste, we have, in a small way, helped African farmers.  In addition we collected  £75 which will be given to Tearfund. Through the local church network in Africa, this will allow 7 families to receive agricultural training to help them grow more food and store it successfully.  Many thanks to Beryl and Keith for hosting and helping us turn an interesting array of ingredients into a scrumptious feast.  Thanks also to those who donated food, but most of all, thanks to the Rock Solid team, who amazed me with their ingenuity and enthusiasm.  I was very proud of them.

 The raw materials we had to work with....

 Some yummy chocolate truffles taking shape.

 The occasional disaster.

 Mini toast pizzas...

 A scrumptious feast, vegetable soup, stir fry, pizzas, courgette bake, salads....

Sweet toothed Oliver was very proud of his three puddings, carrot cake, banana cake and toffee apple even if the cakes sagged a little due to having to share the oven with lots of other people!

Libby's healthy salads balanced out Oliver's puddings.

Enjoying their spoils.