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Monday, 9 January 2017

Rock Solid Cup Cake Sale

On Saturday, Rock Solid, the church Youth Group, baked cup cakes and sold them in aid of Animal Aid Unlimited who treat sick and injured animals off the streets of India.

75 cakes, ready for icing

Oliver had a production line in pigs going and was finished first.

Cows by Isabelle
Cats by Lily
Sheep by Charlotte
Dogs by Sharon
Pigs by Oliver
Donkeys by Annabelle

Thank you to everyone who purchased a cake or made a donation.  We are proud to announce that we made £101!

Dearest Oliver, Isabelle, Lily, Charlotte, Annabelle, Libby and your guide, Sharon!
I am so touched and thrilled by the animals you have saved with your loving donation. I would love to eat one of your cupcakes (or perhaps 6 of them)
thank you deeply for your ingenuity, your wonderful hard work, your spirit of giving, your love of animals! Your love and respect for animals is so beautiful, I feel better about the whole world knowing you kids are in it, and you are the leaders who will save so many animals in your lives. All animals want to live, none want to be chained or used as food or fashion, none want to be hunted or hurt in any way, and you are young but you already know all of that. You are beautiful and blessed, and I am honored to know you.
When you grow up I hope I will be able to welcome you into the gates of Animal Aid Unlimited and maybe I can introduce you to some of the animals you've just helped save.
with love and friendship to each of you,

Erika  (Animal Aid Unlimited Co-founder)