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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Harvest Celebrations

On Saturday 24th, we gathered together in the village hall to celebrate harvest with a fantastic spread of food and an eclectic mix of home grown entertainment including singing from Fenella and a vicar sketch from Sheepy. Our new vicar Richard bravely volunteered to join in and played the piano to accompany his wife Louise with her beautiful flute music.  But the highlight as ever, had to be Neville who sang us some opera and then dressed as a nun for a rendition of "How you do solve a problem like Maria?"  Tara and helpers did an amazing job of making the hall look beautiful with oak tables and candelabras and some of our youngsters volunteered as waiters and waitresses.  A great evening.  No wonder it was sold out early. 

Then on Sunday, Richard led his first Family Service which was a Harvest celebration.  The church looked beautiful with its floral decorations, loaves and other produce.  And this year, Alicia had organised a mosaic with the help of some village children. We intend to leave it up for a few weeks so please do go along and take a look.

Produce was collected and delivered to the Porch Steppin Stone centre for the homeless in Oxford.

A rare glimpse at our hidden music makers...

And a message from Richard...

Can I thank you for your part in the weekend’s harvest celebrations, and ask you to pass on my thanks to those whom you co-ordinated in some way!

Louise and I were blown away by the Supper on the Saturday evening – a real sense of a community celebrating together – an amazing job from Tara and the team.  

And the Service and brunch on Sunday were a joy to be part of, with the church looking awesome thanks to the flowers and food displays – including both the loaves of bread - and the amazing mosaic. Great Music and great bells, and I really appreciate the link with Steppin’ Stones.

What an expression of God’s hospitality and his joy for everyone in Chearsley!

God bless