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Monday 14 September 2015

Nepal Fun-D Raiser

On 6th September, our Youth Group "Rock Solid" held a Fun-D Raiser at the village hall to raise money for the victims of the Nepal Earthquake.  They raised an amazing £408 through all sorts of stall and activities they had organised themselves including:

- a cake stall
- home made goods (jams, paper weights, greeting cards, boot removers)
- Trash or treat
- Apple bobbing
- Human fruit machine
- Skittles
- Splat the rat
- Beat the mirror box
- Face painting
- Book stall
- Guinea pig racing and petting area
- Toy stall

Well done to all of them and thank you very much if you came along.  The charity we have chosen to support is BNMT  The Britain-Nepal Medical Trust.  More information can be found here: